Welcome to logistic-forwarder.com

What is Logistic-Forwarder.com?

We will offer a website with the most important tools for the logistic sector. We have therefor many tools and information for you on this one website. For example: You can find on this page (were you are) times of 20 countrys, bank holidays in the calendar, world wide logistic news, you can use the currency converter... all without leaving the page!
We offer on our site:

  • Currency calculator for the most important currencys
  • Weight calculator for many weight units
  • Time from over 200 time areas worldwide.
  • Links to the most important airline, courier and container tracking services.
  • Bank holidays of many countrys
  • Hundreds of airport worldwide incl. informations about the airport, arrival and departure times, map, etc.
  • All currency codes worldwide
  • A small knowledge game for the small break. How good do you know the logistic business? ;-)
  • Personal calendar (For member.)
  • ... more tools in work.