Currency converter for your website / your online shop

You run your own online shop or a website on which you sell things? And you want your prices to be shown in other currencies, as well? If so, please read this page carefully, perhaps this is a solution.

We offer to translate your prices into other currencies and show them on your homepage. The new price is shown directly on your homepage, the customer will not have to leave your site! And the translation is done with up-to-date exchange rates!

As an example how it would look (the fat print is what we ad to your homepage):

... we offer this beautiful winter coat now for only 123,00 Euro (150,00 USD) ...

We offer this service absolutely free!

How does it work? You have to integrate the following code into your website. However, the code must be changed only at the relevant places. Especially the unobtrusive backlink which is included must not be removed. The code must be on a public page, that means not behind a member login, otherwise we can't track the backlink and the value will be not shown.

The following points must be observed:

You have to make a few adjustments. In order to do this, look for the paart of the code which begins with "<script language="javascript" src="http://www.logistic-forwarder..." Here you have to make some adjustments:

  • curfrom= - Here you ad the currency code for the original currency. In our example, we put in "eur" for Euro.
  • curto= - curto is the currency into which the price is to be translated. In our "usd" for US-Dollar.
  • curvalue= - The most important part, the figure that is to be translated. Please keep in mind that we use an international number formate. This means we have no separators for the thousands and the small currency is separated by a point, not a comma. E.g. One thousand threehundred and sixty Euro and twenty cents are noted as "1360.20".
  • url= - Optional! Usually, the url data are transferred to our script automatically. In case this is not possible (see error codes), the url data have to be included in the code. Here you have to include the exact internet address of the website on which you want to include the currency calculator. For example: "".

The following currencies can be shown. Always use the shortcut without a capital (3 letters).

  • aud - Australian Dollar
  • bgn - Bulgarian Lew
  • brl - Brasilian Real
  • cad - Canadian Dollar
  • chk - Swiss Francs
  • cny - Chinese Renminbi Yuan
  • czk - Czech Crowns
  • dkk - Danish Crowns
  • eek - Estnian Crowns
  • eur - European Euro
  • gbp - British Pounds
  • hkd - Hong Kong Dollar
  • hrk - Croatian Kuna
  • huf - Hungarian Forint
  • idr - Indonesian Roopies
  • inr - Indian Roopies
  • krw - Korean Won
  • ltl - Lithuanian Litas
  • lvl - Latvian Lats
  • mxn - Mexican Pesos
  • myr - Malayan Ringgit
  • nok - Norwegian Crowns
  • nzd - New Zealand Dollars
  • php - Philippine Peso
  • pln - Polish Zloti
  • ron - Romanian Leu
  • rub - Russian Ruble
  • sek - Swedish Crowns
  • sgd - Singapore Dollar
  • thb - Siamese Baht
  • try - Turkish Lira
  • usd - American Dollar
  • zar - South African Rand

Error Codes

It is possible that instead of a translated number, you will see only a link. This link will show an error code (e.g. "...(EC2)"). Here you will find the descriptions of the error codes.

  • 1) The URL of your site was not transferred. Please use the optional indication "url=". It is important for the given URL to fit exactly with the page on which our code is to be integrated, e.g. "".
  • 2) The original currency has not been found or not typed in properly. Please make sure you have typed in three characters.
  • 3) The target currency has not been found or not typed in properly. Please make sure you have typed in three characters.
  • 4) No number has been given or not been typed in properly.
  • 5) The code has been changed and the link is unknown or the link has been changed.

Exclusion of liability

In spite of ongoing thorough control of our programming and of reliable sources for the exchange rates, errors may occur. We cannot guarantee the correctness of the data and any liability is excluded. You use this service at your own risk.